Stone Walls
Villa Como Undulating Walls

Villa Como Undulating Walls

Rippling like the waves that helped inspire this nautically-themed home, walls of Old York granite are coordinated with pavers and granite capping stones for a consistent style throughout the property.

Garden Wall & Alcove

Closely fitted blocks of reclaimed granite reflect order and tranquility in this wall for a formal garden, integrated with a statuary alcove of cast architectural stone.

Double-faced Wall

An outstanding model of the classic New England fence, this ornate wall of quarried Old York granite looks beautiful on every side.

Retaining Wall & Steps

Massive yet carefully shaped, this flaring wall of weathered granite follows natural paving and split granite steps down to a garden area landscaped with the same materials.

Lakeside Walkway

This fieldstone wall near the Lake Winnipesaukee shore provides a rustic look consistent with a traditional lakeside home.

Fieldstone Gateway

Native New Hampshire fieldstone capped with local granite winds its way through a lush landscape, ensuring privacy while remaining an unobtrusive part of the environment.

Courtyard Wall

This low wall of custom granite veneer sets graceful boundaries around an estate courtyard, while allowing expansive sightlines of the surrounding environment.

Granite Wall & Bench

This wall of native New Hampshire granite could have been crafted a century ago, but was actually built in 2016 to evoke traditional New England style.