Distinctive Stonework with a Passion

Clients come to Hillsgrove with a desire for the extraordinary. If you envision stone as part of your ideal home, landscape or installation, we invite you to browse these examples for ideas that can help you achieve your own unique vision.

Featured Projects

Some of New England’s most distinctive residences and facilities feature stonework by Hillsgrove. Whatever the setting or objective, we excel at crafting timeless living spaces with identities all their own.

Architectural Cut Stone

Architectural cut stone is especially well-suited to facades, trim and ornamentation. The wide range of colors and styles allows our experts to complement existing structures or meet design requirements with the ideal combination of precision and flexibility.

Patios, Stairs & Walkways

A special property of stone is its ability to bring high-traffic areas into harmony with natural surroundings. We plan our stonework to help ground your overall architecture and landscaping, providing timeless appeal to everyone who follows in your footsteps.

Fire & Stone

Warmth, welcome and hospitality: nothing expresses them so invitingly as a blazing hearth or billowing chimney, while showcasing your unique style. Indoors or outdoors, we capture the innate drama and utility of fire in cozy havens where friends and families naturally come together.

Stone Veneer

Natural stone applied to ordinary walls or foundations can transform a building and unify all the elements of your project. Hillsgrove excels at selecting and installing veneers in your choice of native or imported stone to create a cohesive look you’ll love.

Stone Walls

Every stone structure ultimately starts with a wall. In our hands it can take many forms: freestanding or retaining, straight or curved, solid or arched, drystone or mortared. Yet they can all offer a perfect frame for your environment, when built by artisans who see your bigger picture.

Water Features

Adding water to a landscape creates movement and tranquility, while offering a focal point for your design. At Hillsgrove we strive to use local materials so that pools, waterfalls and fountains flow naturally into their surroundings. The results are timeless, yet change with every moment.