Architectural Cut Stone

Estate House & Courtyard

This classic estate house features Old World touches such as arches and window detail, with fountains built of pre-cast material resembling natural stone.

Estate Gatehouse

A stylish addition to the native fieldstone skirting of this gatehouse, architectural granite is precisely tailored to the arched doorway and features hand-carved maple leaf insets.

Conservatory & Balustrade

This stately home uses architectural stone as a lighter, more easily installed complement to natural stone, while retaining a distinctive appearance.

Patio & Firepit

Architectural bluestone provides a clean, finished look to the fieldstone firepit and walls of this striking patio, yet remains in harmony with its natural surroundings.

Architectural Stone Wall

This gently curving, double-faced wall blends naturally with gray and red brick pavers, while helping to guide local foot traffic.

Hand-carved Chimney

Pieces of internationally sourced Old Gold granite were hand-carved and fitted atop this chimney, achieving the designer’s goals within budget.

Bluestone Steps

Sleek, concentric contours of architectural bluestone help balance the sharp angles of natural fieldstone in this graceful patio.