Fire & Stone

Alnoba Fireplace

This massive 12’ x 16’ central stone fireplace is crafted with weathered granite from local quarries in New Hampshire and Maine.

Sitting Wall & Firepit

Inspirational messages etched in granite add meaning and intimacy to fireside gatherings.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Natural surroundings and wood-fired pizza add extra zest to cookouts at this patio installation featuring native fieldstone and boulders.

Lakeside Fireplace

This towering fieldstone fireplace provides impressive warmth and the classic look of a 19th century lake camp.

Hand-carved Chimney

Pieces of internationally sourced Old Gold granite were hand-carved and fitted atop this chimney, achieving the designer’s goals within budget.

Granite Fireplace

Massive and welcoming, this granite fireplace includes a double-doored storage area for added functionality.

Carved Italian Fireplace

Hand-carved in Italy, this white marble fireplace is a striking example of our ability to coordinate design, sourcing and installation with beautiful results.

Beach Fireplace

A jigsaw of stones collected by the homeowner from a nearby beach, this fireplace warms with a strong personal connection. The mantel is reclaimed Rockport granite.

Granite Chimney

This gracefully contoured chimney complements surrounding architecture with its rounded shoulders and look of timeless aged granite.

Split Face Fireplace

This graceful fireplace of Old York granite combines warmth, style and efficiency, integrating firewood storage and a comfortable window seat without wasted space.